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    Nokia 5510 Bad Sector??

    I have some problems with my 5510.
    I've got 7-8 files undeletable (?) files. When i try to delete them,
    no error, or something, they just simply stays, with 0 kb size.
    I've tried to look into the files with a notepad, but xp says that
    i should scandisk the drive because it might has some bad sector.
    Scandisk says it can't scan the drive because it doesn't support 16 bit fat. (Or something like that
    Well it's not a big problem, but what if the entire drive (phone)
    got bad?

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    Did you solve the prob

    Did you get any chance how to solve your problem. I have 2 apps which got stuck like your situation. Please lett me know if you come up with someting, thanks!

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