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    [moved] Multi-language SIS not ask language

    Hi folks,

    Observing strange behavior of my multi-language SIS(EN,SP):
    1. On my 5800 it doesn't ask user to select language in some circumstances.
    v40. (ls 05, RM-356)

    If I set Phone Language to English, it doesn't ask
    If I set Phone Language to Russian, it does
    2. On other 5800 it does.
    v21. (ls 23, RM-356)
    3. Both phones has no Spanish in the list of supported interface languages.

    Anybody knows something about such thing?
    It is a bug or something in Phone Settings?
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    Re: Multi-language SIS not ask language

    The normal behavior is when the device automatically picks the current language of the device if it is also supported by the application.

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