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    how to find the bluetooth devices

    i want to find the other bluetooth devices in my 6680, and i use the follow code, but i doesn't work, and once run it, i can exit the program as usually.

    	public int findDevices() 
    			// cleans previous elements
    			// resets status variable
    			isBTSearchComplete = false;
    			LocalDevice local = LocalDevice.getLocalDevice();
    			DiscoveryAgent discoveryAgent = local.getDiscoveryAgent();
    			// start discovery of new devices 
    			discoveryAgent.startInquiry(DiscoveryAgent.GIAC, this);
    			while ((!isBTSearchComplete)) 
    				//waits for a fixed time, to avoid long search
    				synchronized (this) 
    				// check if search is completed
    				if (!isBTSearchComplete) 
    					// search no yet completed so let's cancel it 
    		catch (Exception e) 
    			setAlert("findDevices Exception" );
    		// returns the number of devices found 
    		return btDevicesFound.size();

    i get this code from nokia wiki,
    could anyone tell me how to do this, thx a lot!

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    wenstory, are you looking for paired devices stored within your Nokia or are you looking for Bluetooth visible phone around of you? Instead of starting with wiki-code, I recommend a book because I do not like that thread/wait/synchronised stuff at all.

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