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    Add commands in canvas.

    I am using canvas and need to add gauge control in the same.but i am unable to add setItemStateListener(this) in the same.

    how can i add the same as well as an object of the Gauge in my canvas??

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    Re: Add commands in canvas.

    Again you cannot place High Level Items (like a Gauge) on a Low Level item like a Canvas...
    If you don't know what I'm talking about you might want to read about the basics of the MIDP platfrom and the low and high level graphics... That's knowledge you really need if you want to actually build anything graphically appealing...
    same is for the setStateListener() method...
    Do you know about Interfaces (that's what that method is part of, of an Interface), also you cannot just set anything as a listener, that "this" paramter you are passing MUST be of a specific type... A canvas is most probably not an object of that type, have you checked that ?

    I'm pretty sure you might want to invest a couple of hours to read and understand a tutorial like :

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    Re: Add commands in canvas.

    okay. Thanks for your guidance.

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