I im traing to convert the .py to .sis and work, now i use adobe illustrator for generating an icon with SVG-T but when i install the application i see this icon ALL transparent. I use the PythonForS60 for ensymble. Anyone uses Adobe illustrator because there are many options for svg icons.

Other question is where i need to save my config files and databaes and dependencies.

1- I use an extension of python: simplejson.py, if i put in the E:\python\lib it works but how can i install it with the .sis? or its better to set serpataly?

2- I have a config.ini a database.db and many txt files that increase. The database and files i store now in the E:\data\python\myapp or c:\python\myapp, depends if you have or not an SD card, because the txt files can increase a lot (number of files ) and the database also increases because have the information of the files. Finally i have a config.ini that this file will be better to put in a private folder with the program but i dont know how do this.

3- And for simplejson.py that i was saying ??