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Thread: SMS problem

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    Question SMS problem

    Hello friends,

    I'm using SMS code from Forum Nokia Library to send messages.


    It works fine to Nokia 5800 XpressMusic S60 5th Edition , but when I try this code for Nokia N95 3rd Edition to send a message its shows "unable to send message" appears.

    I was also used : getUrl() for multiple number

    Here an example:

    myNumber = "+914815162342;+919312345678";
    myMessage = "Hi, This is my message";

    getURL("sms:" add myNumber add "?body=" add myText); //Send a SMS

    So, I show invalid contact number "unable to send message",

    Is there a manner to handle this errors inside the FL app?



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    Re: SMS problem

    I hope you are using this example

    Try removing the +91 or just the + and try to send the SMS.
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