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    Show submission time + QA completion estimation

    The wizard works great, I was able to quickly create an app for my blog. It would be nice if the wizard could take the logo of the app from the image of the RSS feed (<image> tag) or to have an embedded "logo editor" that can create simple logos with styled text (something along the lines of http://creatr.cc/creatr/).

    What I'd really like to see is more details on when I've submitted my app (on the dashboard) and when I can expect the app to be reviewed. If there's some more status information (new, assigned, scheduled, etc.. - depending on the internal process used), I'd like to see this in the dashboard as well.

    For example, for my app, I'd like to see something like this:

    App name
    Submitted: 23.04.2010 15:00 (1 hour ago)
    Approval estimation: 25.04.2010 17:00

    If you don't do it already, please send an e-mail to the account of the application maintainer whenever the approval status changes (with an option to disable these e-mail via the account settings page).

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    Re: Show submission time + QA completion estimation

    thanks for your feedback. i will pass this on to the product team. i agree with you that we need to do a better job in telling the status of the app review. do keep us informed when your app is available at ovi store.

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