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    Unhappy Problems while installation of J2 Apps

    Dear Sir/Ma'am

    I am posting this with very heavy heart. There are lot's of issues that I am facing during the installation of my Application.

    My J2ME Application is signed by Verisign omitting the jarsign step, and is installed on S60 and S40 Nokia mobiles.

    It uses pushRegisty (both dynamic(checked once) and static) for SMS, HttpConnection, FileConnection, PIM, RMS, XML handling sending or
    receiving of SMS. The mode of installation may be any :OTA, bluetooth, datacable. I have compiled the application using NetBeans 6.71 and wtk 2.5.

    Problems I face are:

    1. After so many installations in 5700 Nokia Ex. Music, there times come that on every second day of installation the application stops opening.
    Then sometimes it deletes the existing record store to install over the previous installation.

    2. In s40 series (any mobile: 3200, 5200, 7200) when the application is installed, it installs successfully first time, next time I have to upgrade
    the app version, then it will install. Problem is that whenever there is an error or say the app is running and the battery is removed, the
    Application Manager stops seeing that the application had registered with the same port number. It says there is a conflict, some different
    application uses the same port, while this is not a case. The other applications that were registered seem to be unregistered also.

    3. Sometimes installation of the application using the OTA fails when the unauthorized exception comes, while the certificate is installed already. I
    have known that if you don't clear the cache then the problem occurs.

    4. I display the version of the application in an alert using the JAD entry. Sometimes the application is installed and displays some previous version.

    Please help, the noose is around my neck.

    I will be highly obliged.

    Abhinav Saxena
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