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    Nokia 6212 and Location Services

    Hey guys,

    I am developing a Nokia 6212 S40 device MIDlet. I would like to use an external GPS unit that connects via Bluetooth to my device to allow the use of location services. To my understanding, the device DOES NOT support JSR 179 (location API). Is my understanding that it is impossible to add the support for JSR 179 on my device correct? Is there any other way at all to support the use of an external GPS device with my Nokia 6212 device?


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    Re: Nokia 6212 and Location Services

    Yes, as the device supports bluetooth, you can use external bluetooth reciever to fetch the location lat,long and then fetch maps or navigation data from any public map servers like Ovi Maps or Google maps.

    Please refer to the following link on FN wiki:


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    Re: Nokia 6212 and Location Services

    The 6212 does not support '179, and you cannot add new APIs to the device.

    To get location information from a Bluetooth GPS device, you need to use JSR 82 (Bluetooth API), and get the raw location data from the GPS (which you will then need to process to get the information you want).

    You might find this article on the Forum Nokia wiki and this article on the Sun developers' site useful.


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