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    Is it possible to write image file created from Flash Lite?

    Hello all,

    I have started building paint application in QT for symbian a while ago, but until now, i dont like QT framework at all because it's hard to build cool-looking application fast. I have a strong flash programming experience, so i want to try flash lite for building mobile apps.

    I will target S60v5 devices like 5800 or 5530, and because i want to develop paint like application, i need native function which is write image file. Flash lite is awesome for building cool UI and multimedia content, however to add native functionality i have found two ways: using janus or kunerilite. Unfortunately Janus and KuneriLite are not supporting S60v5 device right now. I tried to test KuneriLite before, but looks like it always fail when packaging with S60v5 SDK...

    From nokia there is other possible candidate to use native functionality which is platform service, but i'm not sure it can handle writing image to device. Or can it?

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    Re: Is it possible to write image file created from Flash Lite?

    Ah! looks like im wrong when i said kunerilite doesnt support s60v5 device! Kunerilite support it but you must install s60 3rd edition for kunerilite to work.

    Will try the plugin then..

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    Re: Is it possible to write image file created from Flash Lite?


    You might also try PyS60 as it's pretty easy to learn but quite powerful programing language.

    PyS60 features many advance APIs for accessing device specific features (BT, Camera, GPS, etc) as well as image manipulation and networking.

    Here's a link to good resource to start with http://wiki.forum.nokia.com/index.php/Category:Python

    Hope it helps,

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