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    Exclamation How to sign J2me app to get IMEI no


    I need to create an app which can read IMEI no from the device. I found in forums that he app needs to be signed to read the IMEI no. how can i do this. Is this operator specific or device specific.
    I need to run app on both S40 and S60 devices.

    Please help.

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    Re: How to sign J2me app to get IMEI no

    For Series 60, on some devices you can get the IMEI number, on some you cannot - signing will make no difference.

    For Series 40, some devices will never tell you the IMEI number. Some devices can tell you, but only if your application is signed to the manufacturer or operator domain.

    If you sign your application with Thawte, Verisign or Java Verified, then your application is signed to the trusted third-party domain, and will not have access to the IMEI number on Series 40 devices.

    If your application is signed by Nokia, it is in the manufacturer domain, and will have access. However: to my knowledge, Nokia has no programme through which you can get your application signed. Manufacturer signing is usually used only for applications pre-installed on the device in the factory.

    Network operators can sign applications to the operator domain. Once signed in this way, the application will work only on devices containing that operator's SIM card. Different operators have different policies on signed applications. Some will not, others will. Those that will may place extensive requirements on you in terms of business relationship. Operator signing is usually available only for applications distributed by the operator, and the application might be subject to testing, and you may need professional indemnity insurance. Search Google to see if your operator has a developer programme, then contact them for details.

    Manufacturer and operator signing basically disables all security for the Java application, so access to this form of signing is carefully controlled.

    In practice you are unlikely to get your application signed in this way. I recommend you consider a different solution.


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