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    Question how to Add Qt3Support.lib file ?

    Dear All,

    i am porting some code Qt3 to Qt4, so i included in my .pro file

    QT += qt3support

    but i am getting this Error :

    Specified file '\S60\devices\S60_5th_Edition_SDK_v1.0\epoc32\release\WINSCW\udeb\QT3_SUPPORT.lib' not found Unknown C/C++ Problem

    anybody know how to resolve this?any solution?

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    Re: how to Add Qt3Support.lib file ?

    I'm not finding a lib or dll that resembles that on my system either (never needed it). Did it need to be installed as a separate download?

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    Re: how to Add Qt3Support.lib file ?

    As far as I know, qt3support is not supported on both Symbian and mac using the cocoa-backend.

    I also suggest that you do not use the symbian version of Qt for porting code but a desktop Qt to shorten development cycles.

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