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    Angry this is my problem with nokia 5800:

    this is my problem with nokia 5800:
    my phone is updated.
    sorry my english isn't good
    1. music player have too much problem and player hang and block too much,too much ,too much.and earased playlist and then all of songs from my phone and i should earase songs from my phone then retransfer to phone
    2.music player sometimes hang and block at the end of song and I should restart my phone!!!
    3.Oh INTERNET!often when I work with internet and click above a link phone hanging and blocking and freezing and restart browser and I huffy!!!
    4.messageing has not recently use numbers and I should alwayes add my numbers from contacts but nokia java mobiles in part of "To" has recently used numbers shortcut!!!
    5.when dialling a number and failed,I should hear the error trump for 7 second and don,t disconnect with any key and freeze for 7 seconds!!!!
    6.after i update my GPS some of entertainments isn,t in new version, such as take photo from map and altimeter and ...!!!
    7.photo camera has not sound off or intercept the voice!!!
    8sometimes remote of player dosn't work and I should pause music then replay to work the remote
    9.the camera has not 16:9 aspect ratio.but 5800's lcd is 16:9
    10.Note application has any shortcut for sorting notes
    11.files that transfer with bluetooth should saved in phone memory and if memory be full or the shared file is longer than memory phone we can't save that on phone!!!
    12.delivery report dosen't shown at inbux and I should that from Delivery report part and if number of messages is more than 20, we can't know delivery report!!!
    I'm sorry for nokia this problem isn' in many of nokia phone's and in oldest nokia phones that I have!!!I don't know why don't fix this problem!!!!
    NOKIA is responsible in front of customers!!!

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    Re: this is my problem with nokia 5800:

    There's nothing I see in your message that has anything to do with the S60 Platform and its software development offering. You have problems with a particular phone, and to address them you should contact Nokia Care (http://www.nokia.com/support) or http://www.nokia.com/discussions
    -- Lucian

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    Re: this is my problem with nokia 5800:

    ok thank u!

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