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    Question Calendar API Problem

    Hi there,

    I'm very new to flash lite and even flash.

    I found a Codesnippet and modiefied it and tried to list some entries from today to 3 days in the future, but there is no result. (Events in the calendar are availible on those dates).

    // Import Platform Service Interface
    import com.nokia.lib.Service;

    // Enable Full Screen
    fscommand2( "FullScreen", true );
    // Set quality
    fscommand2( "SetQuality", "high" );
    // Set onPress function to exit_mc MovieClip which closes the application
    exit_mc.onPress = function() {
    status = fscommand2("Quit");

    // Create new Service object which has Calendar data
    var calender = new Service("Service.Calendar", "IDataSource");

    // Define input parameters //year,month date
    var datum:Array = new Array();
    datum[3] = fscommand2("GetDateDay")+3;
    datum[2] = fscommand2("GetDateDay");
    datum[1] = fscommand2("GetDateMonth")-1;
    datum[0] = fscommand2("GetDateYear");
    var datums2 = new Date(datum[0],datum[1],datum[2]);
    var datums3 = new Date(datum[0],datum[1],datum[3]);

    var filter = {StartRange:datums2,EndRange:datums3};
    var inParams = {Type:"CalendarEntry",Filter:filter};

    // Define result value
    var outParams = calender.GetList(inParams);
    heading_txt.text = datums2 ;
    if (outParams.ErrorCode == 0) {
    var outList = outParams.ReturnValue;

    var outputEntry = null;
    // Go through all calendar events and print them to the textbox on the scene
    do {
    outputEntry = outList.next();

    if (null != outputEntry) {
    heading_txt.text = "Schritt 7 "+datums2 +"\r";
    var description = outputEntry.Description;
    var summary = outputEntry.Summary;
    var starttime = outputEntry.StartTime;
    var endtime = outputEntry.EndTime;
    text_txt.text += " Start:"+startime+"\r Ende:"+endtime+"\r Betreff:"+summary+"\r"+"\r";

    } else {
    text_txt.text = "Keine Eintraege \r"+datums2+"\r"+datums3;
    } while (true);
    } else {
    var errorId = outParams.ErrorCode;
    text_txt.text += "Error: "+errorId;
    Can someone help me?



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    Re: Calendar API Problem

    I'm also interested in finding a solution - everything seems to work fine apart from the filter. I have used other parameters but it seems you/we might not be using the filter correctly?

    Update: Aplogies, I've tested the filter with other criteria, like type of event etc. The filter works fine, perhaps it how the date is being passed/interpreted?

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    Re: Calendar API Problem

    It is realy strange, because the filter needs an date object (refering to http://library.forum.nokia.com/topic...D-598EAEF214FF)

    Is there no one who did a flash lite Calendar app yet?

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    Re: Calendar API Problem

    Sorry to bump, but can anyone shed some light on this query?

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    Re: Calendar API Problem

    Can someone like sajisoft (the flash lite expert around here) assist here - I still have not managed to get this one sorted.


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