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    Thumbs down How can i show location address in google map?


    I am building a GPS application where i am displaying different location using markers. Now the markers i am showing are based on lat, long database with their full address in my database.

    I want to display address of location on google map when user pinpoint particular marker or pin.
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    Re: How can i show location address in google map?

    You can seethis link

    Does reverse geocoding help you?
    you may see this link

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    Re: How can i show location address in google map?

    Are you using the Google Static Maps service ?
    And what do you mean specifically ? Do you want the text to appear when the user hovers on the marker ?
    This is what the static google maps offer regardng to markers functionality :

    Obviously it's (like always with static maps) just an Image which is returned, so if you want something interactive (like responding to the user hovering over the marker ) you will need to implement that on the client-side, it will not be handled server-side (i.e by the google static maps)...

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