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    Creating MIDI for Nokia phones


    I have been working with music and Cubase for abotu 10 years and I have never had problemes with something so simple that I will now ask about.

    I created a midi song to use in my 7210 and downloaded it via WAP and every channel in the song seems to use the Piano Sound Ecept for the Drums on Channel 10.

    Normally in songs I (when using GM devices) just change the sound with the Program value (Program Change).

    What do I need to set in the song in order to use other sounds than the Piano in my Nokia Phone?

    When I listen to my song in Windows it uses the sounds I want.

    I have also downloaded the MIDI document from this site so I used the right Sound Table for my 7210.

    Please Help!

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    Same problem mate

    Does´nt seem to be so simple. I´ve been composing for years too and have the same problem

    Everything seems to be allright untill listen to my composition through audiosuite... All the sounds convert to piano except for the drums.

    Is there some special place in cubase where you need to define the program change value and the bank values?

    Please Help me too....

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    Problem solved

    I thought I´d answer myself back here, in case Intetzel1 haven´t found a solution yet...

    The key was to make the program change in the list editor area, just before any midi command started to play.

    I was pondering this myself for a while, ´cause I could´nt change the program value the normal way as the audiosuite disabeled that showing only the model specifications (eg. 6100(4poly), 3300(16 poly) etc..) on the normal program change field.

    Luckily I did´nt get too frustrated and found the nerves to read through this forum... found the answer and it was - as i wrote- the list editor.

    Pretty simple, now thinking afterwards...

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