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    Lightbulb Please try; Need volunteer testers GPS Tracker widget (s60v5)

    To all with (some) spare time,

    I have been putting a lot of time into a GPS Tracker widget which should now slowly but surely come to a point where testers are strongly welcomed.

    Widget: http://www.locationof.com/download/
    Should work on any s60v5 device, but till now only tested on N97 and N97 Mini. Please let me know which device you use.

    A lot remains to be done, like improving and adding a lot of settings, and the overall userinterface, and -mainly- the webinterface cos that isnt too advanced yet at all.

    Now, what I need is as much or as little opinions on the widget you can spare time for, from -any- S60v5 device.
    Helpful would be to let me know, which language you would like to use, how you like the current userinterface and any ideas for improval, and which functions you would add or leave out.
    Ideas on what you as a user would like to share with others, and whatnot. At this point, NONE of the gathered data (that is, gps tracks) will be publically shared with others. Do NOT worry.

    Notes prior to testing:
    You will need:
    - an internet connection on your phone (although bandwidth usage will be fairly limited)

    You will get:
    - a username automatically supplied by the server
    - full trails of your whereabouts on the website
    no worries here, NOTHING will be publically accessible except by me, and/or if you give away your username.

    I am aware of the not-so-nice website - but updates will follow really soon.
    I am aware of not being able to add any buddies to your 'where are my buddies' list.
    I will add myself as a testbuddy to each and every one of the testusers accounts.

    You can see your gps tracks by surfing to http://www.locationof.com/ and entering your automatically provided username there. Updates to the site will be done the next week(s).
    Please let me know about any weird behaviour or ideas for improvement.

    Any ideas, bugnotices, are strongly welcomed, and can be expected to be solved in short amounts of time.

    Partners in code or location-based advertising (geofencing) are welcome to email me at any point.

    Here's the link to the widget: http://www.locationof.com/download/
    You can expect updates to be published every one or two days.

    Thank you very much in advance.

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    Re: Please try; Need volunteer testers GPS Tracker widget (s60v5)

    Thanks for the feedback I received.

    Two people complained about a legit bug where the app would stop submitting after trying to find its reverse geolocation. Shame on me, but the problem has been resolved as from now on.

    Released v0.4.3

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