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    Building Qt-mobility libs and installing on phone


    I would like to build Qt-Mobility libs in a .sis file for a device. I did this already but I'm not able to install them to the phone because of access rights. How can I get the rights to do the install of my qtm libs.


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    Re: Building Qt-mobility libs and installing on phone

    First you have to determine which rights you need for the specific functions you're using, and request them the PRO file. (Eg: "symbian:TARGET.CAPABILITY = NetworkServices".)

    Then you need to build a "self-signed" sisx file. There are instructions for that floating around. Basically you create a "self-signed" certificate with some command line mumbo-jumbo and then record the resulting info in the properties for your Carbide project.

    Except that for some of the rights (not sure which ones) you need to have a "real" signed file.

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    Re: Building Qt-mobility libs and installing on phone

    Unfortunately you may not always be able to sign all libraries by yourself (even if you include OpenSigned) as some of them require capabilities which can not be obtained via Open signed. The bearer library requires NetworkControl for example. If you don't have it some calls will fail. In the case of Bearer the QNetworkSession::stop() call will not have the expected behavior.

    List of capabilites and their availability:


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