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    how 2 make .sis file???

    hi there,
    i develpoed a java midlet and tried it on the 7210 emulator & it's working fine.
    I have the .jad & .jar file ready now.
    Now i want 2 install it on the real mobile, could anybody tell me how?? All i know is that i need 2 have some .sis file, but i have no idea how 2 create it?Alsi what is .pkg & do i need this??
    somebody tell me plzzzzz!!!!!!!!

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    .sis files are created from the c++ sdk. so it would be off topic ;-)

    the jar & jad file are all you need to run the app. on the phone! just copy them... (infrared, bluetooth, ...)

    on the S60 these files appear in the INBOX, just open one of them (jar or jad file). you will get asked to install the app.

    there you go :-)

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    Re: how 2 make .sis file???

    i need help regarding creation of .sis ,.jad files as i m just a beginner.pls help.pls tell me tools used.i will b gratful

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