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    Deployment of wgz via download


    I have a website, that checks if the User is using a Nokia Device and redirects them to download the wgz if they do (on request)

    Now, I am using webRuntime Toolkit IDE

    If I compile the widget I have created, it goes through oviStore and installs and works fine

    If I upload the wgz and navigate to that file on my server, it downloads the files but fails to install, unknown type.

    Am I doing something wrong?

    File location:
    (its only a basic GPS Location, I dont mind someone stealing that code)

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    Re: Deployment of wgz via download

    Change the MIME type/headers on your web server for .wgz files to whatever is required to indicate that the content is a WRT widget. Without the server sending the proper headers, the device does not know the content type (it is not looking at the file extension, as there may not even be an extension, or it might be something entirely different than what the content actually is, if it is a server-side script/program handling the response, for example).

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    Re: Deployment of wgz via download

    I have on the server
    application/x-nokia-widgets - .wgz.

    The file downloads on my Nokia Device (N97 Mini)

    I click the file and it comes up with

    "unable to open, object type not supported"

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    Re: Deployment of wgz via download

    I doubt whether setting the mimetype is really needed, actually, what you have is a zipfile with a different file extension.
    Application/octet-stream or the mime for zipfiles might do the trick.

    Though, I just noticed your problem is somewhat different here; The wgz file on your server is an invalid zip file, "unexpected end of file". Probably something went wrong while either uploading or packaging the file.

    Try again?

    Good luck,

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    Re: Deployment of wgz via download


    Something strange is happening when I upload via FTP.
    I uploaded the file via the CPanel on the server and everything worked fine.

    Cheers again

    Just noticed my FTP Client was set to ASCII, not Auto
    Zips and such should be Binary (if you have this problem, check your FTP Upload Type)
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