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    Nokia Browser Compliance


    I have a number of website that have be designed with the most populat PC screen definitions (1024px x 768px) in mind as most of my traffic if from PC's. However with the increasing popularity of mobile devices I have been noticing more people viewing my sites with these.

    With portability between browsers in mind I have made my sites as close to W3C compliant as is possible. I have looked at them on some old Nokia technology and some newer Nokia phones and they work OK. However, they dont look brilliant. I wanted to make all of my sites more usable for the mobile experience and would like to start testing with Nokia.

    So, my actual question is, what browser do Nokia devices use, as I could not find the answer to this here. Also, is there a PC based browser emulator available so I can do a quick test of my sites before I do a real test. This would advantageous time wise.

    Thanks in advance.

    Kevin MD Hotels in Spain Ltd

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    Re: Nokia Browser Compliance

    Nokia phones have used many different versions of Nokia developed and/or third party browsers (with varying versions of those).

    So, there's probably no single good answer for your question.

    If you want a PC based (Windows based) emulator, download and install the S40 and S60 platform SDKs; you will find the emulator in those (with all kinds of other things for developers, which you probably won't need, I'm afraid).

    There is no "standalone" emulator package (just the SDK emulators).

    This doesn't cover the possible 3rd party emulators (such as Opera Mini or Opera Mobile, or Firefox Mobile that some Nokia phones support as well, or earlier such as Access NetFront, etc.).

    But if your site works with the emulator browsers from the SDK, then they'll most assuredly work on the other mobile browsers as well.

    Note also that Nokia devices are using a number of screen resolutions in different orientations (portrait/landscape), which also impacts site design.

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    Re: Nokia Browser Compliance

    Quote Originally Posted by petrib View Post
    If you want a PC based (Windows based) emulator, download and install the S40 and S60 platform SDKs; you will find the emulator in those (with all kinds of other things for developers, which you probably won't need, I'm afraid).
    Thanks for your quick reply.

    It seems quite hard to find emulators and I am quite surprised by this. I think they would be a very useful and quick method of checking for cross browser compatibility.

    I found the SDKs in the tools area http://www.forum.nokia.com/Tools_Docs_and_Code/Tools/

    I shall endeavour to use what is available as I do think mobile devices have quite a future. I will also be looking out for an open source project on this matter. I am sure that it would be well supported if it were to be set in motion.

    There are a number of browsers out there and cross compatibility is one of the major challenges we face today as web designers. I just wish all browser manufacturers could understand this also. The least I can do is make my sites W3C compliant.

    Thanks again for your help petrib.

    Kevin MD Hotels in France Ltd
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    Re: Nokia Browser Compliance

    While not exhaustive, this may help.

    Nokia S60 Devices primarily use a variant of WebKit which can be found on S60 3rd Edition, FP 1 and 2, and S60 5th Edition devices.
    The specific variant is WebKit 413 or 525 (older devices tend to use 413, although there is the odd newer device which still uses this build.) In both cases, these are optimised to Nokia devices so will not be identical to the same WebKit version on the desktop. These browsers have strong HTML, CSS and JavaScript support, with the very highest levels of support towards WebKit 525.

    Nokia S40 devices either use the S40 Lite browser or (more recently) a new WebKit based S40 browser (primarily S40 6th Edition onwards).

    Then there are very old devices (S60 2nd Edition and below) and very simple/low-end devices (many with tiny 8 bit colour screens) whose browsers support very simple XHTML-MP.

    A good resource is the Nokia Mobile Web Templates.

    These have been optimised for high-end, mid-range and low-end Nokia devices. The categories are described in detail within the documentation but in general, high-end is S60 3rd, S60 5th and S40 WebKit, mid-range is older S40 and low-end is very old S60, very basic S40 and the very low end devices. If you take a look at the devices listed in the documentation for each category, it will give you an idea what devices you may want to use for testing. You don't need that many to figure out how your site will look on a range of Nokia devices and it's much safer than using an emulator. You can also test remotely on Nokia's Remote Device Access or with commercial services like Device Anywhere (which has an excellent Nokia virtual developer library)

    Hope this helps,


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