I have a number of website that have be designed with the most populat PC screen definitions (1024px x 768px) in mind as most of my traffic if from PC's. However with the increasing popularity of mobile devices I have been noticing more people viewing my sites with these.

With portability between browsers in mind I have made my sites as close to W3C compliant as is possible. I have looked at them on some old Nokia technology and some newer Nokia phones and they work OK. However, they dont look brilliant. I wanted to make all of my sites more usable for the mobile experience and would like to start testing with Nokia.

So, my actual question is, what browser do Nokia devices use, as I could not find the answer to this here. Also, is there a PC based browser emulator available so I can do a quick test of my sites before I do a real test. This would advantageous time wise.

Thanks in advance.

Kevin MD Hotels in Spain Ltd