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    [moved] Registration failed error!!

    I'm doing some application development for nokia E71 mobile phone using J2ME. My solution is working fine on nokia E52(available to me after E71). But whenever I tried to download same application to my E71 phone, it downloads my application fully but after that the phone(E71) shows me the message "Registration failed" Can anyone please help me on this issue???

    Satyajit Dey

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    Re: Registration failed error!!

    Does the error come from your own code or from the system? Is it an install-time error or a run-time one? Have you tried debugging?

    (Moving this thread to the Java Mobile forums)
    -- Lucian

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    Re: [moved] Registration failed error!!

    Thanks ltomuta for your kind reply.The error come from the system.Coz my apps working fine both downloading and installation on nokia E52!But for E71 I'm getting the install-time error!

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