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    Getting started with Flash lite for Nokia

    Hi all,

    I'm a newbie to the mobile application development.
    Can you please help me get started on my first flash lite app ?
    I confused on what are the tools needed to develop flash lite application for Nokia devices (i want to develop for N97 mini).
    I have Adobe Flash CS4 professional. But i dont undertand what is Adobe device central.
    do i need to download Adobe device central separately and install ? If so where can i get it ?
    Apart from these do i need anything other software to develop flash lite app ?
    Also where can i find details for how to use touch APIs from flash lite ?


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    Re: Getting started with Flash lite for Nokia

    Yes you do need Device central.. You can get it in the Adobe website try downloading and and then create an new flash mobile file by typing Ctrl + n it will default open in Device central. Then go to online library at the left had bottom corner from were you can download the devices you are targeting to your local library and select Nokia N 97 mini. Then hit on the create button at the right hand bottom corner. Thats it you are good to go... Note: Some times after downloading if your online library is empty then you have to Help option in the Menu bar and update your Device central version.


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    Re: Getting started with Flash lite for Nokia


    Welcome to the Flash Lite world

    Device Central provides emulated device experience to test your mobile applications during development of the application. Once the application is ready, or near ready, you can test the application on real device.

    Flash CS4 comes with Device Central CS4. Check in your Windows' Start Menu, or in Flash CS4 create a new Flash Lite document. Device Central will start and allow you to select which version of Flash Lite and for which device you want to create application.

    Hope it helps,

    // chall3ng3r //
    Faisal Iqbal (skype: chall3ng3r)
    Flash Mobile Specialist | Orison Technologies
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    swf2go: www.swf2go.com

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    Re: Getting started with Flash lite for Nokia

    Ciao Dnu,

    here some tutorials that you might want to take a look at:



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