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    Mobile design Patterns: Menu


    I have been looking at the Wiki page and there is a section called Mobile Design Patterns, and I am looking for information about creating a "standard" menu as I have on my N95.

    And I wanna create the "Grid Menu" found under


    But how do I move on from there to find more information about how to create this menu?

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    Re: Mobile design Patterns: Menu

    Try LWUIT https://lwuit.dev.java.net/

    go thu the LWUITDemo and its source code you can resuse it to make Grid Menus.


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    Re: Mobile design Patterns: Menu

    just to point out :
    those desing patterns is a general list about known design patterns, it's not a list of specifically implemented design patterns nor a list of all-ready made design patterns available to a developer (through API's for example)...
    so please don't think that that all those patterns are available "out of the box" on a J2me Nokia device as a developer.

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