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    Use Mobiles theme


    Sure this question has been asked many times before.

    I have had a look around and keeping seeing different stories.

    I am building a WRT App (hence posting here)

    I want to use the Mobiles current theme. (or have a transparent background)

    I am building an SMS App, I want to edit the system so when a new SMS arrives the user gets the usual alert but MY app opens. Is this possible? Do I need to change my phone settings to use My App not Standard? Do I need to re-build the alert functionality myself?

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    Re: Use Mobiles theme

    Hi teuma86,

    you cannot use the theme that is currently set on the device, within a WRT widget. Also, you cannot change the default incoming SMS behavior.

    For this kind of requirements, a Symbian C++ application would surely be a more suitable choice.


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