Hi all
One of our apps these days is featured in the "recommended by Nokia" section of the Ovi Store, in some selected countries^ (one of these countries is in the top ten as for the Ovi Store daily downloads)

While being featured in that spot, it means for us really an important aknoledge of our job, at the same time, I can say that for now it doesn't seems translate in more sales or downloads of the apps.

We forwarded this experience to the Ovi Store support, because it looks so odd to us. But, anyway, it's possible that it's not a bug or delay in the sales report. It's possible instead that the "recommended by Nokia" section in the Ovi doesn't contribute significantly to the number of downloads.

I'd love to ask you if you have any experience to share on this topic. or if it's something happened to you, too

If you have any insight please let me know


Koinup founder