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    Post how to know gps is internal or external

    I develop some j2me application. I use location api. It works, but I have some problem. If device has not internal GPS, device try to find GPS over bluetooth connection. But, I dont want to this. If device has not internal GPS, I inform user that device cannot use this application.

    so, how can I learn a device has internal GPS or not ?

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    Re: how to know gps is internal or external

    for afaik it's not possible...
    You are asking for a Location at the Locationprovider, which will decide itself what the most suitable GPS provider is... Only it can establish which location providers are available, and it will supply you with the (in it's opinion) best possible location provider...
    So if it notices that you don't have an integrated GPS chip it will try the next best option : an external GPS receiver...
    What you could try, don't know if it works and I would be happy to hear from you, is to de-activate Bluetooth as a possible location provider... You can do that in the settings of your device, somwehere under Location... You will notice a list with all the possible location providers (GPS, AGPS, Bluetoot, cell-network), and you can select or deselect any of those...

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    Re: how to know gps is internal or external

    so, how can I learn a device has internal GPS or not ?
    Get the device useragent string from device, send to your server which maintain a list of devices which have inbuit GPS and you are done.


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