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    Creating new email accounts using the email device management plugin?

    Does anybody know anything about creating a new email account using the email device management plugin??
    This appears to be the only way post 9.1 to programmatically create a new email account!!!
    There is only one relevant posting on the topic, here:


    Unfortunately only being able to see this one example is a bit like trying to imagine what extraterrestrial life would be like whilst only having a single data point: Earth. So, for example, why the following string and what to replace it with? L8("Email/POP12345/Mpro")

    Nokia have published information on using the device management apis, but this doesn't mention the email plugin
    specifically: http://www.forum.nokia.com/Technolog...nagement.xhtml

    In fact nowhere does it officially say that you need to use the device management plugin to create new email accounts,
    but this appears to be the case!

    NOTE - 29/4/10

    In case anybody runs into the same issue, as it turns out, the example applications attached to the wiki page above do contain useful information on this question. The first example application allows you to create, modify and add email accounts, as long as you have the right uid for email. The dm_getplugins example will find that id for you. I havent yet tested this on a target device, but will revisit this post to confirm if successful
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    Re: Creating new email accounts using the email device management plugin?

    When i came across the same problem, i found the solution into this post:
    that refers, i think, to the same example application.
    The solution worked fine on N91, but had some problems on FP2 devices....

    best regards,

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