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    device have key pad pr no ???

    Hi , how can know in j2me that the device have key pad or it`s thuch screen ???

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    Re: device have key pad pr no ???

    If it's touch screen, Canvas.hasPointerEvents() will return true. No way to detect the keyboard options.


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    Re: device have key pad pr no ???

    If you dont get Canvas.hasPointerEvents() then it means that device has keyboard, but if you get it true even then you cant say that device does not have keyboard.

    And from J2me API's you can't get to know the availablity of physical keyboard or the tyep of keyboard like if its a t9 or qwerty etc and to know this the only workaround can be:

    Ping the WURFL database with the useragent of your device and fetch the device properties XML, parse that to know the keybaord details.


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    Re: device have key pad pr no ???


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