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    deleting CMdaAudioOutputStream raises E32USER-CBase 40

    I'm tring to delete a CMdaAudioOutputStream object. I called Stop() and that works, but as soon as I delete the stream it raises a E32USER-CBase 40 error. Is there a certain was to delete a CMdaAudioOutputStream or am I doing something wrong or not checking for something

    Here is the destructor and callback classes
    	iState = ENotPlaying;
    		delete isock;
    		isock = NULL;
    		delete oStream;
    		oStream = NULL;
    MaoscBufferCopied(TInt err, const TDesC8 & buffer){
    	//KErrAbort is raised when Stop() is called
    	if(err != KErrAbort)
    		writing2Stream = EFalse;
    MaoscPlayComplete(TInt err){
    	//KErrCancel is raised Stop() is called
    	if(err != KErrCancel)

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    Re: deleting CMdaAudioOutputStream raises E32USER-CBase 40

    Can't it be 'isock' causing the problem?
    Otherwise note that C++ language allows deleting NULL pointers, so those if-s are not necessary.

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    Re: deleting CMdaAudioOutputStream raises E32USER-CBase 40


    I just thought two options, your object is in use still and AS does not find the pointer.
    -Delete your object in MaoscPlayComplete(TInt aError) // this will be called as a result of Stop() calling
    -After calling Stop() fire an active object with self completed (delete your object in that RunL)

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