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    Qt Creator cannot conntect to App TRK


    I am trying out the latest Qt nokia sdk. I have followed through the steps for on device debugging for symbian.my device is connected on com 2 via pc suite, and i have started up the APP TRK on the device.

    I tried to run my project, it keeps on ask me to set up my APP TRK on com 2.. the APP TRK on the device shows to the port to be 1. I can't really change to port to 2 via the app can I?

    How can I get the TRK to be connect to com 2?

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    Re: Qt Creator cannot conntect to App TRK

    Please note that the port number Trk displays on the phone is not related to the COM-port on Windows. Are you sure you chose "PC-Suite connection mode? If that does not work, you can try using another COM-port on Windows by using the Device Manager available from the Control Panel.

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