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    Lwuit Container paint

    Hi All,

    I am overriding paint method of container and adding that container to form but there is not change in container can somebody enlighten me

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    Hi, Sourabh

    Set the layout of the form before adding the container to the form.
    try the below code.

    Form form=new Form("Painting");
    form.setLayout(new BorderLayout());
    MyContainer container=new MyContainer();

    Let me know if is solves your problem.........

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    Re: Lwuit Container paint

    Hi Ashu,

    I already solved my problem actually I was overriding the paint method of form(white color) and container(black color) both but since form is painted later than container so the whole screen looks white and I thought if container is added above form so it should be seen but its all the problem of paint callbacks BTW I have solved my problem thanks for your support

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