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    Does editing content item unpublish it?

    Hi everyone,

    we'd like to edit the metadata (description and keywords) of a published content item.

    Before doing so we have to be absolutely sure that, while QA reviews the edited metadata, it remains published without interruption with older (approved) metadata.
    Is that correct? Or does editing the metadata unpublishes the item till QA reviews and re-approved it again?
    If for some reasons the edited metadata is rejected, does it become unpublished or remains published with old ones?

    And just of curiosity, is the same if you edit the content file (the old remains published till the new one becomes approved/rejected)?

    thx in advance!

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    Re: Does editing content item unpublish it?

    if the item is already published, it will remain there. And after you have done your changes, and submitted it again to QA, all changes are in pending state, and after the QA is finished they will be updated to the store.

    AFAIK, if the changes are not approved by QA, it would not effect the already published data & items.

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