in case you haven't noticed there's a new release of Mobility. There are now 9 FINAL APIs.

Bearer Management API
Contacts API
Location API
Messaging API
Publish and Subscribe API
Service Framework
System Information API
Sensors API
Versit API
Multimedia API is in beta.

Good material on the mobility apis first release in http://qt.nokia.com/files/pdf/qt-mob...itepaper-1.0.0

Note that
* Symbian sensors backend is missing (code didn't make the first package, will be available in the next package )
* Multimedia is at beta - API may change
* Also available as integral part on Nokia Qt SDK beta (http://forum.nokia.com/Qt). There seem to be bugs f.ex some simulator packages missing, can't compile messaging for mingw simulator


For development on top of Symbian SDK the packages are in http://qt.nokia.com/products/appdev/...-apis/mobility
* read INSTALL.symbian!!!