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Thread: Xml Parsing

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    Wink Xml Parsing

    Any one please help me.. how to parsing particuler attributes of xml through J2ME..

    <name>EJB 2</name>
    <description type="permanent">
    <available title="Error" connectionError="There was an error retrieving data from the internet!">
    <name>Applied XML</name>
    <description direction="ltr" id="2">

    If my xml is above and i want to retrieve the value of "title" and "connectionError".

    thanks in advance........

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    Re: Xml Parsing

    Why dony you use the KXML or any other parser in order to parse the XML files.Just go through the link, and read that how sweet this works,
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    Re: Xml Parsing

    You can take help from the code example on FN wiki, it is based on JSR-172 and you dont need any external jar like KXML...

    just change the tags you name it will work for you.



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