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    Question Make call over internet

    Currently I do my internship in a small entreprise and I need to develop a softphone for mobile with j2me that will operate with the company pabx as voip server.
    the pabx has a private address behind a router, I have created sip accounts on the pabx, I want to know if it is possible to make the pabx visible on the internet (If yes how)? to make calls from my sip softphone using the internet.
    Thank you.
    pabx type: Avaya IP Office 400

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    Re: Make call over internet

    while you configuring the sip softphone you have enter a port number (for avaya sip i used 5060) i don`t know exactly what is the port for ip-office. after that you need help from the your company firewall and internet administrator to forward any connection to 5060 to sip server ip. i don`t know how exactly they did that, because it is vary between firewalls. and i will try to test this on the lab i will tell you if i have more information

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