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    Carbide.ui Plug-in Management

    We recommend using Carbide.ui 2.0 from Symbian Foundation, as it is an upgrade over 3.4 from forum Nokia.
    Future Releases will happen on Symbian Foundation only.

    2.0 Can install ALL the plugins released on forum Nokia.

    Plugins Disappear ?
    If a New Version of plugin is installed without Removing the old version of the same plugin, the plugins Disappear.
    If old version of plugin is removed and then the new version of plugin is installed, it will work fine. They will be saved properly.

    Since you have already installed plugins with old versions existing on the tool, we cannot remove them from tool NOW and install them correctly. The tool may not work properly.

    How to solve ?
    -Retain the workspace.
    -Uninstall Carbide.ui 2.0. (Delete all files/folders of Carbide.ui tool. Other than workspace, if you need to retain)
    -Reinstall Carbide.ui 2.0 – downloaded from Symbian foundation. (unzip)
    -Download Latest(there were some minor updates again for few plugins) Plugins from forum Nokia. [IMPORTANT: download once again to avoid any old versions being used unknowingly]
    -Install the plugins.

    To use latest plugin of S60 5.0,
    1. Remove S60 5.0 Theme(plugin) which comes in the tool be default from carbide.ui 2.0
    2. Download latest S60 5.0 plugin from forum Nokia.
    3. Install the plugin.

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    Re: Carbide.ui Plug-in Management

    Whatever you might have done to upgrade 3.4 or Carbide 2.0.

    But the E71 Plugin for Both the versions fails badly. I had been trying to find a solution for long.

    But no one has been able to help me out.

    I am seriously disappointed by the plugin support from Nokia for the E71 version as both versions have huge errors.

    Can anyone please provide me a way out to make themes for E71 and changing the Call bubbles as the active call , 2nd call and 3rd call and the same for disconnected call buttons.

    They dont work for Nokia Carbide 3.4 or 2.0.

    I am badly waiting for someone to look into this serious bug .

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