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    How do you display the edit state indicator in the navipane for a custom control?

    Hello out there, I'm essentially trying to implement something like the following (fictional symbolic names, but you'll get the gist):


    Whimsy aside, it would seem that MAknEditingStateIndicator::SetState() should do the trick, but the doc is pretty scant on it and I'm not sure how to use it or even if it's the proper thing to use. I've tried the following

    MAknEditingStateIndicator* iEdStateIndic = CAknEnv::Static()->EditingStateIndicator();

    but it returns zero when called from the container control's ConstructL.

    Creating a FEP seems like overkill for what is really a matter of drawing an icon in a window. However, if that's what's required so be it.

    Can anyone provide (or point to) an example of how to set the edit state indicator?

    Thanks in advance,

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