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    Question about RBuf8

    Hello everyone,

    I have a problem that will probably be trivial to someone with more knowledge about Symbian.

    I need to play an audio stream. I do it like this:

    in .h
    CMdaAudioOutputStream* iAudioStream;
    in .cpp (I'm omitting if (err ==...))
    TRAP(err, iAudioStream->SetDataTypeL(KMMFFourCCCodePCM16));
    TRAP(err, iAudioStream->SetAudioPropertiesL(TMdaAudioDataSettings::ESampleRate11025Hz, TMdaAudioDataSettings::EChannelsMono));
    TRAP(err, iAudioStream->WriteL(buffer));
    I don't have a problem playing audio if I open a file. But I need to generate audio data on the fly. My problem lies with iAudioStream->WriteL(buffer) because buffer in iAudioStream->WriteL must be RBuf8 and the data that I need to play is located in TFixedArray<TInt16, 512> buffer.

    Could someone please tell me how to go about transfering data from the fixed array to audio stram's RBuf8 buffer?

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    Re: Question about RBuf8

    I do not think that it would have to be an RBuf8, it can be any kind of 8-bit descriptor.
    If you have a pointer and a length, you can always create a 8-bit descriptor:
    TPtrC8 ptr(reinterpret_cast<const TUint8 *>(pointer),length);
    Note that WriteL expects the descriptor (so the TPtrC8 object in this case) reachable until you get MaoscBufferCopied, so the descriptor has to be a member variable too (you can use its Set method instead of its constructor).

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    Re: Question about RBuf8

    as wizard has pointed out, it need not to be RBuf8, it can be any 8-bit descriptor.

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