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    errors while compiling QTMobility for gcce


    I m getting the following errors while compiling QTMobility for ]
    make release-gcce

    eEEE5QListIT_Ev]+0x12): undefined reference to `QtMobility::QContact::details(ch
    ar const*) const'
    eEEE5QListIT_Ev]+0x72): undefined reference to `QtMobility::QContactDetail::QCon
    tactDetail(QtMobility::QContactDetail const&, char const*)'

    what might be the problem?


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    Re: errors while compiling QTMobility for gcce

    My guess is that you have a library/header mismatch. The mentioned symbols have changed between beta and final release. Please try to clean out any old libraries and header files which you may have in epoc32.

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