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    Exclamation Check support for HTTP connection in mobile

    Hi All,

    Is it possible to check from Midlet, wheather http connection is supported by a particular device or not ? If yes,then how?

    Please help me...

    Thanks & Regards,

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    Re: Check support for HTTP connection in mobile

    All MIDP devices support HttpConnection.

    Whether or not the device is correctly configured, has a signal, etc., is another matter. You will only know if there is a problem when you try to connect and an exception is thrown.


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    Re: Check support for HTTP connection in mobile

    As Graham wrote -- all MIDP j2me supported device have to support http connection, but network connectivity is not present and you try to create a connection - it will throw connection not found exception.

    On some recent devices which support IAP Info API's you can get more info about network access point conf of the device -

    IAPInfo API is a simple Java API, where the applications (MIDlets) can access fundamental Internet Access point and Destination Network (for example access point group) related information. However, IAPInfo provides just a subset of the parameters stored in the native database. Only the information supporting access point or destination network selection is available:

    IAP related information
    Destination network
    List of preferred access points
    Last used access point


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