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    Question WRT 1.1, 2.0 on N97 Mini - Security Access Check Failed Accessing IMessaging Interfac

    I'm wondering if anyone could help me? I am developing an Application that uses the IMessaging Interface, either using API 1.0 or API 2.0.

    Before I learned about Nokia Platform Services 2.0 (API 2.0) not being default installed into the phone, I was using Aptana to debug the application.

    In the Aptana Emulator:

    If WRT 1.0 is selected. None of the IMessaging in API 1.0 will work, since I think WRT 1.0 does not allow Service Object.

    If WRT 1.1 is selected. I am able to read messages from the InBox. I could not send and SMS, MMS or Email.


    After I found out that I am getting a "Security Access Check Failed" when I tested the App on my N97 Mini. I read about Nokia Platform Services 2.0. So I added the platfromservices.js to my project directory and included it in the header file import of my index.html.

    After several tests. Functions that does not return values when I know they should automatically revert to API 1.0 code.

    So, everything seems to be working fine in Aptana, minus the SMS, MMS and Email Feature.

    Now. Running my Beta Widget on my Nokia N97.


    ISSUE A:

    ... the Reason I found out about "Security Access Check Failed" is that I did not know that when you request a Service Object that requires the Runtime Security Manager to force a prompt (Like Allow Network Services...)... it should ask you if you want to do something... Like Accuweather Accessing your GPS Location...

    (BTW, My AccuWeather cannot access the Location API as well since it has not been working since I tried it.)

    So (Test: Without API 2.0 Javascript in the header)

    When I hit any buttons requiring a call to IMessaging, e.g., var so = device.getServiceObject("Service.Messaging", "IMessaging"); and nokia.device.load("messaging"), I do not receive a Security Prompt from my device asking me if I want to "Allow <<widget>> to Access Service Provider Data" ???? Then I get/catch the Error: Security Access Check Failed

    ISSUE B:

    However, the Email HREF link of <a href="mailto:whatever@mywhatever.com?body=mybody"></a> actually worked and called my default Nokia Email profile to create the message for me (as seen in the Reuters Slideshow Widget from Nokia OVI Store)

    (Test: WITH API 2.0 Javascript in the header)

    Now, I did several unsuccessful test and decided to include the <script ...... src="platformservices.js"></script> tag to use the .JS file that I included in my WGZ package as packed by Aptana.

    These are the results.

    ISSUE A:

    Any calls to the IMessaging Interface does force a Security Prompt of "Allow <<widget>> to Access Service Provider Data", so I click OK.

    However, when I continue to call and create the object. I receive and Error: "Security Access Check Failed". =(

    Hence... this did not FIX it.


    ISSUE B:

    When I click an HREF mailto? link, the WIDGET just sits there doing nothing, not calling the Nokia Email profile to create an email for me.


    I read somewhere that when you uninstall the pre-installed Platfrom Services Extension from your Device, and in turn use the Platform Services API 2.0 Javascript file that you include, your widget will work properly?

    This I think was tested with the calendar.wgz sample that came with the Nokia Platform Services API 2.0


    Anyway, My Question.

    a) If you were to uninstall this pre-installed Platform Services Extension from the C:\ of your Phone, will your other widgets that you have installed work?

    b) If you were to uninstall "item in a)" and install the SIS file that came with the Nokia Platform Services API, will all other Widgets you have in your phone use this API instead? What I mean is, if your remove Platform Services Extensions (1.0.1), assuming it is WRT 1.1, install API 2.0, will other applications running WRT 1.0 and WRT 1.1 (API 1.0) be able to run without the Platform Services Extension (1.0.1) and instead run with Platform Services (2.0 - API 2.0), i.e., the code in the JS file is also back-ported to include code for WRT 1.0 & WRT 1.1?

    c) S60 5th Devices are 7.0 & 7.2 (WRT version), I assume this is API 2.0?

    d) If I remove Platform Services Extension from my C:\? And then decide that this version of the Platform API is required to 'OLDER' widgets to work, how do I get it back? I do not see a download link in Forum Nokia for Nokia Platfrom Services 1.0? Anyone have ideas where this is available for download?

    HELP Me!

    I really need help!!!

    Anyone with ideas and solution, maybe even someone from Nokia could comment on this?

    i) Is this problem device specific?

    ii) Is this problem WRT Runtime API Specific?

    iii) What is the solution/fix/work around that could work if this app were to be deployed to the public?



    The Nokia Platform (Qt, Flash Lite, WRT... etc) which allows for access to Service Objects including the API Bridge will help Nokia Symbian App Developers to quickly take over the iPhone App Store World! AFAIK, the iPhone does not allow these services to be touched (Except for Positioning Data).

    If this is a problem that is a) Not Fixed NOW or SOON line in a few days; or b) Remains a PERSISTENT PROBLEM. App Developers will not develop anymore Apps for the Nokia (Out of Frustration) OVI Store will lag behind Apple's AppStore... then eventually.... BYE BYE! Death to my favourite OS & Brand.

    So Indeed.



    Device Data:

    Nokia N97 Mini
    Platform Services Extensions 1.0.1 (Pre-Installed)
    Platform Services (2.0) I installed this
    API Bridge (Some other application I use daily installed this)

    ??? Could it be the combination of these ???


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    Re: WRT 1.1, 2.0 on N97 Mini - Security Access Check Failed Accessing IMessaging Inte

    Please see my reply and article at http://discussion.forum.nokia.com/fo...d.php?t=195873

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