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    smartweb cam ex problem

    hii all
    am facing a new problem with respect to me

    i downloaded the SmartWebCam project

    and when i build it the building process stoped at 24%

    why that??

    any one know the reason for this problem ?


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    Re: smartweb cam ex problem

    Reading tea leafs now ... still reading ... 24% there ... nope, no answer seems to form in the tea pot. Sorry.

    Let's return to the IDE then, and see what can be found from there. What SDK version are you using? What are you seeing in the Console view? The IDE hanged while performing 24% of which operation?
    -- Lucian

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    Re: smartweb cam ex problem

    hiii ltomuta

    i build the project on s60 fb1 flate form
    at console it stoped at>>

    ***Invoking abld command
    perl.exe -S ABLD.PL \Users\zikas\Desktop\SmartWebcam\SmartCamS60_v1_4_src\SmartCamS60_v1_4_src\S603rdEd\SmartCam\group\ makefile gcce build_help
    The process tried to write to a nonexistent pipe.
    make -r -f "\Symbian\9.2\S60_3rd_FP1\EPOC32\BUILD\Users\zikas\Desktop\SmartWebcam\SmartCamS60_v1_4_src\SmartCamS60_v1_4_src\S603rdEd\SmartCam\group\GCCE.make" MAKEFILEBUILD_HELP VERBOSE=-s

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