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    QT SDK Beta re compile with SSL support

    I would like to know what command to use to recompile QT for SSL support so that i can work with qfacebookconnect.
    I am on Windows XP and i can run the QT Examples in the simulator.
    I have openssl and mingw installed and set correctly in path lib and include environmental variables.

    I have got this far

    configure.exe -openssl -xplatform symbian-abld

    so i need the simulator and meamo toolchain syntax, i assume and hope its this simple :-)

    Your help aprreciated.

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    Re: QT SDK Beta re compile with SSL support


    you might be missing more actually. Configure checks on runtime, if it can find the OpenSSL libraries and include headers inside your path unless to enable compilation. In case you want to load the ssl libraries on startup, only the headers are required iirc.
    However, to compile the simulator with SSL support you might need to wait for a short while until the repository is available on gitorious. Secondly you will need to openssl libraries on your system as described above.

    Madde itself is not designed to allow a compilation of Qt itself, you are rather supposed to use the Qt version included. But I think that this one already contains SSL.

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