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    Unhappy OVI store not for individual developers?

    On http://www.forum.nokia.com/Technolog...ality/Testing/ I read:
    "Nokia’s channels require your application to be Symbian Signed."

    I think OVI store is a "Nokia's channel". Is it right?

    On http://developer.symbian.org/wiki/in...bian_Signed%29 I read:
    "You must be part of a company or organisation (publisher IDs are not available to individual developers)"

    If apps for OVI store have to be Symbian signed and it's not possible for individual developers
    to get there apps Symbian signed it's impossible for them to publish in OVI store.

    Is it right? Would be bad. :-(

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    Re: OVI store not for individual developers?

    currently you do need to be a company that can also obtain publicer id, or you can not publish at the Ovi store.

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    Re: OVI store not for individual developers?

    or gang up. I am more than willing to help out!

    Send me an email to tamhan at tamoggemon dot com
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