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Thread: LWUIT Theme

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    LWUIT Theme

    Hi all,

    Please help me , i am trying to apply the theme by lwuit.Below is my code . I have made a theme by resource editor and crated go folder in the project and put theme in the go folder and made a zip of the go folder and put it in to the resources folder of my project. But the problem is that i am getting a null pointer exception.It is opening the resource file by the statement Resources.open("/go/good.res"); but problem is getting the theme.

    r.getTheme("good") , getTheme function is returning null .

    public void startApp()
    Form form=new Form("Theme Demo");

    Resources r = Resources.open("/go/good.res");
    catch (IOException ex)


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    Re: LWUIT Theme

    put theme in the go folder and made a zip

    You dont need to do this, from LWUIT resource editor you get .res file directly dont zip it.

    Please it in .res folder of your project and rebuild it & repackage it.


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