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Thread: qt voice calls

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    qt voice calls

    Hi experts, I installed the new QT sdk but I can NOT find any library or module to make and receive phone calls (where is QPhoneCallManager or so?)

    Is it possible?? How can I do it???


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    Re: qt voice calls

    There's currently no APIs for handling telephony releted use cases. Qt Mobility project will be adding those later on.

    It would be nice to hear what are the key use cases for you and why you actually need those. We can this information to the Mobility program to ensure prioritization of these features.


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    Re: qt voice calls

    Hi Jack, Taking appart a 'killer app'() I am planning to develope and that I really do not want to publish before it is ready. I think telephoy api should be a must for m2m apps (a very promising bussiness) Imaging you have a net of sensors and you want to wake up one of these to get data or change its firmware.
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    Re: qt voice calls

    I am also missing this API.

    My use case: I want to add a "baby-phone" application to the N900, which measures the audio level and initiates a voice call to the parents if the noise is above a given threshold.

    I digged already inside TpSession, Telepathy, Dbus... but only a platform independent easy-to-use API would make this worth the effort.


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