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    Share your app wizard experience with your peers...

    Hi, Ovi app wizad has been 'graduated' from Silence launch. Feel free to share your Ovi app wizard experience with your peers and other developers. you can use the Ovi asset generator promotion tool to promote your apps, http://promotions.ovi.com/toolkit/

    see the blog from Wei, http://blogs.forum.nokia.com/blog/ch...-a-new-ovi-app

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    Re: Share your app wizard experience with your peers...


    I made a post on my blog:

    it includes some suggestions for advance/OVI publisher features

    Again, congrats !!!


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    Re: Share your app wizard experience with your peers...

    I tried the promotion tool

    it can recognized my apps at

    but it complain the one at
    http://store.ovi.com/content/33504 is invalid URL

    i notice that my apps are created in two version, one as java, another as wrt

    other than this, the banner creation process is fast and easy

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