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    Integrate ZBar into Qt for symbian

    Hi everyone,

    is there any example or tutorial of integrating zbar into qt for symbian, i tried to follow the example in official wiki,but failed.
    Can anyone help?

    Thanks for advance.

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    Re: Integrate ZBar into Qt for symbian

    zbar is just a library, so you do the same as for any other library:

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    Re: Integrate ZBar into Qt for symbian


    I am looking for any tutorials or examples how to use zbar-0.10 with Qt for Symbian 4.6.2.

    I am quite inexperienced in using Qt and moreover I just started with this mobile stuff.
    Is there anybody who uses zbar and could be so kind to give me some clues what I would have to do to get this running?
    I got the sources of zbar-0.10 including files like "QZBar.cpp", "QZbar.h" and "QZBarThread.cpp" but I am not sure at all how to start a project with these.

    Any help would be appreciated

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    Re: Integrate ZBar into Qt for symbian

    I'd suggest you first learn how to do a "Hello world" application, then expand from there.

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